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You don’t have to go through a brain injury alone.

Resource Facilitation

Resource Facilitation

Brain injuries have a definite impact on your quality of life. Symptoms such as persistent headaches, pain, vision impairment, increased sensitivity to light and sound, changes in mood, or difficulty concentrating all get in the way of daily life and relationships. These experiences can be both difficult and scary to manage on your own or when caring for someone you love. 

We can help. 

Our resource facilitators work listen to your needs and work collaboratively with you to identify resources and solutions to fit your unique situation. A number of our facilitators have personal experience working with brain injury so we take the utmost care in understanding your needs. And, we make sure to keep your information confidential as we work to find appropriate information, services, and support to help you navigate life changes due to a brain injury. Some of the ways we help include: 

  • Providing education about brain injury and what to expect after experiencing one. 
  • Locating professionals who can assist with recovery. 
  • Assisting with navigating local, state, and federal service systems
  • Making referrals to available resources in your community.
  • Connecting you with local support groups.
  • Leveraging our network of partners such as: Nebraska CHAD, the Aging and Disability Resource Centers, Area Agencies on Aging, QLI, and Madonna.

How can we help you in your brain injury journey?

Let us know if you have specific questions or topics that you would like assistance with.
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We value your trust and privacy and do our best to keep your information confidential. Only our staff will have access to the information you submit. 

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