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Professional Training & Community Education

BIA-NE provides brain injury training for programs serving high-risk populations such as juvenile justice, homeless, domestic violence, corrections, sex trafficking, and behavioral health professionals. 

As part of the training, the programs are taught how to administer a brief brain injury screening tool to better identify individuals with brain injury within their system. Fill out the form below to request a presentation for your organization. 

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Want your school, organization, church, or group to learn more about the effects of brain injury? Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska has a network of presenters who can share their story and factual information on brain injury.

Presentations cover brain injury recognition, management, and resources from the perspective of an individual or family members whose life has been impacted by brain injury and can be tailored specifically to your group’s size, age, and needs. To request a BRAIN Talk, fill out the form above or contact us by email.

Share Your Story. Make a Difference.

Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska will help speakers craft their interactive presentation demonstrating brain injury can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Meaningful and personal presentations will illustrate the importance of understanding brain injury and what community members can do to help individuals with brain injury.

To learn more about this opportunity to share your experiences, please contact Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska by email.

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