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BIA-NE helps individuals with brain injuries rebuild their lives, restore purposeful living, and rebuild hope and optimism. Serving the brain injury population means working to secure and develop community-based services, providing support groups and access to pertinent information and medical resources and service referrals. It also means educating professionals who work with children and adults with brain injury. Our strategic plan outlines how we accomplish this important work. If you would like more information about our strategic plan please contact Peggy Reisher, Executive Director, at

BIA-NE Mission

To create a better future for all Nebraskans through brain injury prevention, education, advocacy, and support.

Our Vision

A future where Nebraskans living with brain injury thrive in their communities.

To accomplish our mission & vision, we provide:

  • PreventionPreventing Abusive Head Trauma: BIA-NE captured the devastating stories of four children after being shaken as babies in a documentary, "Forever Shaken". This powerful 30-minute educational tool is being used by childcare advocates, schools, hospitals, and others to show the lifelong challenges that face children of Abusive Head Trauma.

    Preventing Brain Injury by Seatbelt Usage: Through social media and billboard advertising, BIA-NE promotes the importance of occupant safety via seatbelts.

  • EducationBrain Injury Conference: Our annual brain injury conference brings together a wide variety of health professionals, state agency personnel, community health providers, educators, individuals, and families impacted by brain injury to network with industry partners and learn.

    Changing Concussion Culture: Since 2013 BIA-NE has led the Nebraska Concussion Coalition which creates a plan for statewide concussion recognition and management. Members of the coalition include educators, health care providers, family members, state agency personnel, etc. The Coalition’s focus is on educating coaches, parents, players, teachers, and health care professionals.

    General Brain Injury Awareness and Training: BIA-NE provides brain injury training for programs serving high-risk populations such as juvenile justice, homeless, domestic violence, corrections, sex trafficking, and behavioral health. As part of the training, the programs are taught how to administer a brief brain injury screening tool to better identify individuals with brain injury within their system.

  • AdvocacyLegislative Advocacy: BIA-NE monitors government and how it affects the brain injury community. BIA-NE works with policymakers for the benefits of those with brain injuries. Advocacy activities include monitoring the process and keeping our members informed of the issues that could affect their lives. Individuals with brain injury and their families are encouraged to become involved with BIA-NE in the legislative process.

  • SupportStatewide Support Groups and Newsletters: Volunteer facilitated brain injury peer support groups meet throughout Nebraska. Individuals with brain injury, their family, and brain injury professionals also receive monthly updates from BIA-NE regarding training, resources, and stories from across the state.

    Resource Facilitation: Resource Facilitation Specialists assist in building personalized support teams providing information, resources, and referral services to individuals and their families across Nebraska.


In 2009, the Brain Injury Group of Nebraska (BIG-N) became a 501(c)3 nonprofit incorporated with the State of Nebraska. In 2010, it affiliated with the Brain Injury Association of America and became the Brain Injury Association of Nebraska. In 2016, the organization became the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska an affiliate of the United States Brain Injury Alliance. 

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