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Nebraska Concussion Coalition

Nebraska Concussion Coalition

Nebraska Concussion Coalition, a statewide group, was created by the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska, with support from the Department of Health and Human Services Injury Prevention Program.

The coalition, which is comprised of representatives from key government agencies, healthcare providers, club sport programs, educators and non-profit agencies, is taking the lead in implementing action-oriented steps to improve concussion awareness and change the culture of concussion management at play, school and home.

The Work of the Nebraska Concussion Coalition:

  • Increased coordination and collaborationbetween coaches, parents, players, schools and health care professionals so a youth athlete will have the support, at all levels, he or she needs after having a concussion

  • Build community capacity so coaches, parents, players, schools and health care professionals all know “when in doubt, sit em’ out” and how to manage the concussion appropriately

  • Strategic partnershipsLeverage existing community assets, connect organizations and foster collaboration among partners so we can be more effective in our efforts.

  • To learn more about the Nebraska Concussion Coalitionto share an idea or to become involved in the coalition, contact Peggy Reisher at or 402-890-0606.

Our Associations & Memberships

P.O. Box 22147
Lincoln, NE 68542
4024232463 (402) 423-2463
Toll Free (844) 423-2463

PO Box 22147, Lincoln, NE 68542