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Blog: Survivor Stories

Screams Unheard - A Poem

Photo of a woman with her face partially submerged in water.

Jessica, a poet, advocate, and domestic violence survivor shares an impactful poem about struggling in silence and the power of being seen and heard. 

You don’t drown by falling into the river, you drown by staying submerged

Maintaining a state of solitude through the piercing eyes of those passing by….

         ◈ PLEASE STOP. Tell me I’ll be ok!

Silent words flow greatly from my soul as I drown in a pool of sorrow….

         ◈ Yet no one sees my struggle.

Gasping for air, the sun I feel--why am I not warm?

My voice is screams I hear aloud--why do I look ok?

◈PLEASE STOP. Tell me I’ll be ok!

My body war-torn, my mind exceeds the limitations of comprehension.

◈Can you hear me? Please tell me I’ll be ok?

The entanglement of emotions captive within my soul perceived by those piercing eyes

“ Everything is okay, She's fine.”


Thoughts race through my mind>>They once brought me so very far, now I’m held captive.

◈PLEASE STOP. Tell me I’ll be ok!

Present state turns to history with the hands of time.

Shall I live within the confines of history?

Shall I live within the moment?

She STOPS>>>>>>>She SEES>>>>>>>She HEARS>>>>>>>


Eyes swollen, tears cascading…this war-torn body is standing…the reflection you recognize…

         Once drowning, screams unheard, the reflection is YOU shouting aloud….


>>>YOU are previewing the undefined<<<

Wiping the tears, standing tall, warmth you feel…

◆Your voice has now been heard

Recalling the strength those thoughts that previously brought you so very far⥹

Once again you grasp tightly around⥹

You have chose to live in the Moment⥹

⇛You have chose to be defined as a Warrior!

Download and listen to the recording of Jessica reading this poem:

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