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Blog: Survivor Stories

Standing: A Poem by Jessica

Jessica’s professional experiences include helping others in crisis find their voice and strengths.  On May 25th, 2017, Jessica suffered a TBI resulting from severe domestic violence.  

Before her TBI, Jessica's brain was all about analytical thinking, which is now more difficult and frustrating.  Writing poetry wasn’t even a consideration. After her brain injury, when asked to write about her feelings, Jessica surprised herself by expressing her thoughts poetically. 

Regardless of whatever challenges we are facing, Jessica’s description of enduring a life-altering event speak to everyone! There is pain and fear with an injury, but this May, we are celebrating Jessica’s newfound talent.

Have you felt the wind cut through you?

Have you felt a moonless night engulf you?

Have you felt rain full upon you like rocks?

Must you run from the razors edge, seek refuge from the night while dodging the pelting rocks?

Must you fear what your mind has created?

Only you seek refuge from your mind's ocean of waves bringing to life your

fears, slamming again and again - side to side within your head.

The evening tide to the peaceful sandy beach.

The sand to your feet, the wind picks up-

But you're not hurt.

--You're still standing--

The sand to your feet, the sun drifts beyond the horizon.

You can see the Moon and stars that were previously absent.

--You're still standing--

The sand to your feet, the tide you hear.

As the tide approaches you feel the cold, it rolls onto

the sand to which you stand, you feel the sting, you

feel the unknown the tide brings.

--You're still standing--

The tide regress's taking with it your fears as you are STILL standing.


The tide brought you a gift--an untouched beach.

One of which you can walk in no other footsteps.

One of which you shall put your footprint in and walk a path only you create.

A path created by God to only be walked, step by step, by you.

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