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It is estimated that well over 300,000 Nebraskans have received brain injuries of some type. The Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska is the only statewide non-profit exclusively dedicated to brain injury in our state. As such, we strive to enhance the quality of life for the over 36,000 individuals living with disabilities caused by brain injury, as well as their families through support, education and advocacy and by preventing future brain injuries.

The BIA-NE is committed to creating a better future for all Nebraskans with brain injuries. Serving the brain injury population means working to secure and develop community-based services, providing support groups and access to pertinent information and medical resources and service referrals. It also means educating professionals who work with children and adults with brain injury.

The BIA-NE provides the resources to help give people with brain injuries a chance to rebuild their lives, to restore purposeful living, and to rebuild hope and optimism. Our strategic plan outlines how we accomplish this important work. If you would like more information about our strategic plan please contact Peggy Reisher, Executive Director, at for more information.

BIA-NE Mission

To create a better future for all Nebraskans through brain injury prevention, education, advocacy, and support.

BIA-NE Vision

BIA-NE is the voice of brain injury in Nebraska whose vision is:

  • Nebraskans with a brain injury, regardless of geographic location or financial means, will have the necessary resources required to pursue their recovery journey.
  • Individuals with brain injury and their family member’s voices will be heard.  Policies and programs will be designed to meet the needs of the voice.
  • All brain injury stakeholders will understand their unique role as well as how they complement each other towards making the future of brain injury better.  Subsequently, people with a brain injury will have an easier time navigating available resources with the help of specialized assistance from a specialized brain injury support network. 
  • The Nebraska Legislature will be informed about the nature of brain injury and its ongoing impact on Nebraskans so they can support funding and policies which create statewide resources needed by individuals with brain injury.
  • The complex nature of brain injury will be understood by the public, such that stigma will be eliminated and the public will be more supportive of efforts to improve overall brain injury support and resources.

To accomplish our mission & vision, we provide:

  • PreventionPreventing Abusive Head Trauma: BIA-NE captured the devastating stories of four children after being shaken as babies in a documentary, “Forever Shaken”. This powerful 30-minute educational tool is being used by childcare advocates, schools, hospitals, and others to show the lifelong challenges that face children of Abusive Head Trauma. Forever Shaken has had over 87,000 You Tube views.

    Promotion of Seatbelt and Occupant Restraint: BIA-NE in partnership with Drive Smart Nebraska placed billboards in central and eastern Nebraska with the message, “ He was Buckled. He Survived.”

  • EducationProviding Comprehensive Brain Injury Information: BIA-NE hosts an annual Brain Injury Conference which brings together over 200 professionals and individuals with brain injury and their families to learn about brain injury and industry standards.

    Changing the Culture of Concussion: The BIA-NE leads the Nebraska Concussion Coalition, which creates statewide awareness of the need for concussion management. The focus is on educating coaches, parents, players, teachers, and health care professionals about the proper recognition and management of concussion. This was done via a media campaign which included social media, television and radio spots, and billboards.

    Addressing Domestic Violence: BIA-NE has provided brain injury training for professionals working with victims of domestic violence on aspects of brain injury and how to conduct the HELP Brain Injury Screening Tool with women residing in the shelters.

  • Advocacy

    Leading Government and Legislative Advocacy: BIA-NE monitors government and how it affects the brain injury community. BIA-NE works with policymakers for the benefits of those with brain injuries and works to keep members informed of the issues that could affect their lives.

  • SupportResource Facilitation: Resource Facilitation Specialists, who, through strategic partnerships provide individualized information, resources, and referral services to individuals and their families coping with brain injury. BIA-NE served over 300 unique clients in 2017.

    Statewide Support Groups: Volunteer facilitated Brain Injury Support Groups meet regularly in 15 locations throughout Nebraska.

The History of the BIA-NE

In 2009, the Brain Injury Association of Nebraska became a 501(c)3 nonprofit incorporated with the State of Nebraska. In 2016, the organization became the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska an affiliate of the United States Brain Injury Alliance.