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MenDi McCuiston

MenDi McCuiston

Peer Mentoring Program Coordinator; Resource Facilitator, Western Nebraska
MenDi McCuiston

Phone: 402-683-0712

MenDi is the mother of a child that received a brain injury in a car accident at the age of sixteen and dealt with the repercussion of the school and court system treating her child as an uncontrollable child instead of treating the symptoms. She understands the struggles of a parent feeling helpless, hopeless, and abandoned by the “system.” Her goal with the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska is to educate others on the signs and symptoms of brain injury and offer support for those in the same position she found herself in seven years ago.

MenDi has a bachelor’s in behavioral science and has worked as a life coach, a family support worker, and has held various other positions within the non-profit realm helping individuals to set goals, recover from grief, and find their purpose. She has a passion for helping others and is inspired by those who do not let their situation keep them down.

MenDi was born and raised in North Platte, spent 14 years in McCook but missed home, and returned to North Platte where she lives with her husband. She has five children and six grandchildren who keep her busy and young at heart.

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