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Gina Simanek

Gina Simanek, MA, LMHP

Resource Facilitator, Lincoln & Southeast Nebraska

Phone: 402-683-0715

Gina is a tenacious advocate of those with brain injury across the state of Nebraska. As a licensed mental health practitioner, consultant, educator, and volunteer, she was the first to ever provide outreach services in Lincoln and the entire state of Nebraska for individuals with Brain Injury (BI) and their families. Gina did this solo while working another full-time position to meet unmet needs for individuals with BI and their caregivers for 30 years and continues this work today.

In 2008, Gina contracted as the Nebraska State BI Ombudsperson and a Statewide Information and Referral Specialist for the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska (BIA-NE). In 2021, Gina joined BIA-NE full-time.

Gina has a background with administration and interpretation of various psychological and neuropsychological assessments; educates professionals, individuals, and families about brain injuries and mental health; is experienced in neurofeedback and biofeedback; facilitates mental/medical health support groups, served on several state advisory boards, and did a research study on brain injury coping in parents that gained recognition (2001 Student Research Award – Division 22, Rehabilitation Psychology), and has contributed to other brain injury research publications.

Outside of work, Gina is also active in biking long distances and assisting other runners and bikers to accomplish a marathon or long biking adventure successfully. She enjoys the outdoors, animals, artistic endeavors, and being around family, friends, and those who appreciate the value of assisting others in various ways.

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