• The same rendering techniques that are used to make graphics for 'Harry Potter' movies are being used to render neurons and brain structures in fine-grained detail allowing scientists to explore the brain in 3-D and perform "virtual dissections."

  • Researchers at UCLA have been taking a closer look at the psychological aspects of recovery from head injuries and have recently begun a program that integrates a common type of talk therapy as part of their treatment for athletes with lingering emotional impacts after their injuries.

  • A New York Jets wide receiver told The New York Daily News that he is pulling his 8-year-old son out of football due to concerns over chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Jeremy Kerley, a seven-year veteran in the NFL, told the newspaper in a story published Saturday that his son, Dae’shon, has complained of headaches after football practice and Kerley has decided to pull him out of tackle football.

  • A review from University of Queensland's School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences uncovered the benefit of exercise on a particular protein involved in brain re-organization and re-learning following a neurological disorder, such as after a stroke.

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