• SPECT imaging can be more accurate in the diagnosis of traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder than CT or MRI.

  • Former NFL center Matt Birk, former QB Eric Hipple and Brigadier General (ret.) Richard Gross explain how the After the Impact Fund provides a support network for veterans, professional athletes and their families.

  • The study began 21 months after Margaret Worthen suffered massive strokes, and her continuing recovery was tracked for nearly three years. The research signifies the first time that scientists have captured the restoration of communication of a minimally conscious patient by measuring aspects of brain structure and function before and after communication resumed. It also raises the question of whether other patients in chronic care facilities who appear to be minimally responsive or unresponsive may harbor organized, higher-level brain function.

  • In the military, a Charlie Foxtrot is a disaster. A Charlie Foxtrot is exactly what thousands of our service members are facing. We confirmed that 300,000 troops were booted from the military with less than honorable discharges. What they did to get kicked out is often linked to medical conditions like Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic brain injury (TBI). They are stripped of their benefits, when what they really need is help.

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