Your Support Helps Build Moments Worth Celebrating.

When you’ve worked hard to overcome an obstacle or change something in your life, be it a goal or the reframing of a mindset or perspective, it’s worth celebrating! This is true for all of us and is no less true for someone who’s experienced a brain injury. 

Photo of a piece of paper with "Choose JOY" written on it in colorful letters.
Photo of Rhonda and Luke sitting together on a front porch.

Rhonda and Luke sitting together on a front porch.

We celebrate the many journeys and wonderful accomplishments we witnessed this past year!

Luke and his mother, Rhonda, are celebrating reaching a quality of life for Luke that they are happy with after 25 long years of facing incredible challenges and struggles. They dealt with anger, frustration, heartbreak, depression, isolation, and the dissolving and straining of relationships, all while navigating doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions (physical, occupational, speech, and counseling), and finding appropriate care for Luke’s needs. After attending Person-Centered Planning training that allowed Rhonda and Luke to reframe how they approached his injury, the challenges they faced, and Luke’s goals for the future. Focusing on Luke’s hopes and dreams and surrounding themselves with a team of people willing to support Luke to reach his goals changed everything for Rhonda and Luke. 

Now, Luke has found a family with a handicap-accessible home whom he can live with and can participate in his finances through a True Link card. He and Rhonda were also able to raise money to pay for a trained service dog. 

We celebrate the individuals finding self-acceptance and freedom from feeling obligated to be who they were before their injury. We celebrate the individuals developing healthy coping skills and a support system of people who can relate to their experiences through peer support groups. We celebrate the individuals sharing their stories and advocating for better support and treatment for brain injury. We celebrate the individuals finding a safe space with our Resource Facilitators to be vulnerable about their symptoms and find validation in their journey.

Yet, these stories are just a few of the many people affected by brain injury. There are many more still striving against an invisible injury and often difficult odds. People who are searching for answers and assistance with a life-changing injury, whether for themselves or a loved one. Some people find their way on their own or with the help of a friend or family member. Others lose their way, stumbling and falling due to physical, mental, or substance-related obstacles. 

Your support can help change the stories for people in either situation so that they don’t have to go through a brain injury alone. Your support helps us connect with individuals and families affected by a brain injury and support them as they navigate through changes and issues related to a brain injury.

You make it possible for people to experience self-acceptance and freedom from feeling obligated to be who they were before their injury. You make it possible for Rhonda and Luke to share their story, for Jessica to advocate for herself and others who’ve experienced a brain injury, for schools and parents to learn how to recognize and manage concussions, and for us to promote awareness of brain injuries and build community support networks across the state.  

Will you donate and help continue to make moments worth celebrating a reality? 

$50 provides one hour of intake and information services for an individual or family affected by brain injury. 

$100 teaches parents, athletes, coaches, and educators how to recognize and manage a concussion properly. 

$150 helps us connect and refer individuals to local, state, and federal programs and services.