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Help Save the Helmet Law

Make Your Voice Heard

We need your help.

Once again, the Helmet Law is in danger of being repealed. Sen. Ben Hansen has introduced LB91, designed to repeal the current motorcycle helmet law. This bill was heard by the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee on Jan. 24, 2023. However, it is not too late to reach out to the committee members!

The Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska is asking you to please contact the Transportation and Telecommunications committee members and urge them to vote “NO” to LB91 so that the law requiring individuals to wear helmets will remain in Nebraska.

When communicating with the senator’s office either by email or phone briefly share:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Identify that you are a survivor of a brain injury, a family member, or a friend of a loved one with a brain injury. (if applicable)
  • Briefly share how brain injury affected your life (if applicable).
  • Ask the senators to vote “NO” to LB91, the repeal of the helmet law.

If you would like additional facts about the importance of motorcycle helmets, we’ve included them below.

Thank you for making your voice heard and advocating for the continued safety of motorcyclists and other recreational vehicle drivers, and the prevention of brain injury in Nebraska.

If you would like more information on how to make your voice heard in the 2023 legislative session the new rules can be found at:

If you have any questions, please contact Peggy at

Motorcycle Helmet Facts
Collage of three motorcyclists wearing helmets.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states:

  • All states which have weakened or repealed helmet laws have experienced an increase in fatality rates.
  • NHTSA estimates helmets are 37 percent effective in preventing fatal injuries to motorcycle riders and 41 percent for motorcycle passengers.
  • Motorcyclists not wearing a helmet are three times more likely to suffer brain injuries than riders wearing a helmet in a crash.
  • Nineteen states have universal motorcycle helmet laws, saving an average of $6,000 in medical costs per motorcyclist. Specifically in Nebraska, research showed a decline in total acute medical charges of 38 percent in hospital costs for injured motorcyclists after the Helmet Law was implemented.
  • Studies show that riders not wearing a helmet involved in crashes are less likely to have insurance and more likely to have higher hospital costs than riders wearing a helmet in similar crashes. 

Effects of the Michigan Helmet Law Repeal

“Repeal of the Michigan helmet law:  the evolving clinical impact” published in The American Journal of Surgery in 2016 by Striker, Rebecca H. (et. al.) found that following the repeal of the helmet law in Michigan:

  • Non-helmeted riders increased from 7% to 28%.
  • Crash scene fatalities increased from 14% to 68%.
  • In-patient mortality increased from 3% to 10%.
  • Injury severity score increased from 14.5 to 19.
  • Increase in the amount of time in the intensive care unit.
  • Increase in overall hospital costs.

An additional study completed regarding the Michigan repeal by the Highway Loss Data Institute in 2018 found:

  • The trend of head injuries from motorcycle crashes shifted after the partial repeal of a universal helmet law, with mild concussions falling to 17% and skull fractures increasing to 38%. This change in head injuries trend led to an increased need for more costly hospital services.
  • In Michigan, there was a sharp increase (64%) in medical payment overall losses coincident with the helmet law change. The losses were mainly due to the increase in claim severity, which rose 68% more than expected absent the law.

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