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Caretakers and survivors can benefit from a support group. Find a support group now.

Other Nebraska Resources

Answers for Families Provides information about resources available to Nebraska families serving eight target groups: families with children with special needs; families with children with mental health concerns, foster and adoptive families; service coordinators; caregivers for persons with Alzheimer's and related memory disorders, caregivers for the elderly; assisted living and school nurses. is a free online service to list and find equipment in Nebraska. There are a wide variety of categories to browse through including ambulatory devices, children's equipment, environmental controls, lifts, ramps, vehicles and vehicle lifts, and wheelchairs. Equipment is available for loan, for sale, for demonstration, or for as giveaway.

Hotline for Disabilities Services Information and referral to Nebraskans who have questions or concerns related to a disability, including financial resources, rehabilitation services, transportation, special parking permits, legal rights, and any other questions related to a disability.

Disability Rights Nebraska Disability Rights Nebraska can pursue legal remedies or other advocacy approaches to help people with brain injuries.

Nebraska Housing A free online service to list and find rental housing and services in Nebraska. On, you can:

  • Locate available housing that best fits your needs
  • Search for housing using a variety of search criteria (number of bedrooms, rent amount, accessibility features, etc.)
  • Find helpful resources and supportive services
  • Nebraska Resource and Referral System Database (NRRS)
    Contains information about community agencies and organizations that provide services and telephone hotline resources to Nebraskans.

    Nebraska Ticket to Work
    The Ticket to Work Program offers SSI and SSDI disability beneficiaries greater choice in obtaining the services they need to help them go to work and achieve their employment goals.