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Women of Warriors Weekend Retreat

Why You Should Attend

That you are not alone.

That there are answers.

That there is hope.

Women of Warriors Weekend

2016 Retreat Date: September 23-25

The Leadership Center, Aurora, NE

If You are a Woman Caring for a Veteran, this Weekend will Benefit You

  • Equip you with the latest updates on medical and psychological information regarding PTSD and TBI.

  • Help you better understand your own issues including Secondary Traumatic Stress and Compassion Fatigue.

  • Create a safe, confidential environment where you can share your feelings and experiences. Counselors will be on hand.

  • Provide opportunities for you to meet other women who also love a combat veteran and build your own customized support network.

  • Help you to laugh again, rekindle your hope and renew your strength. Develop a plan for personal wholeness. Offer you support and encouragement throughout the weekend and after.

  • Nebraska Assistance- Connect with the Brain Injury Association of Nebraska and the Nebraska Veterans Brain Injury Task Force and introduce you to local and national resources that are available and ready to help you find the resources you need to help yourself, your soldier and your family.

Topics Covered:
Differences at Home
Invisible Wounds: Brain Injury and PTSD
Accessing Resources
Helping Sons & Daughters Cope
Intimacy after War
Spiritual Resilience
Exploring New Possibilities For Your Life

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