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Contact Hours are Available to many Health Professionals

10 contact hours are available for the entire conference. *The cost of contact hours is included in your registration fee. 

Thursday, September 3: 6 contact hours   Friday, September 4: 4 contact hours

Contact hours are acceptable for Nurses and may be acceptable for Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Mental Health Practitioners, Educators and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors. Please have your license number when registering for continuing education at the conference.

*For the State of Nebraska, disciplines, other than nursing, usually require the certificate of completion as well as the objectives and course schedule for verification. You will need to check with your state governing board to see if they would accept the event as continuing education for your discipline. Since nursing contact hour standards are quite high, the BIA-NE conference hours are generally accepted for other disciplines, except speech therapy.

Who Should Attend this Conference?

This conference will enhance your comprehensive understanding of brain injury and bring new insights into improving and supporting positive brain injury outcomes. In addition to education, this conference offers numerous networking opportunities with other professionals and chances to learn from persons impacted by brain injury.

You will gain an understanding of the constantly evolving research, leading practices and most significant trends, challenges and opportunities regarding brain injury, as well as information to share with your workplace and colleagues. Keeping your skills up-to-date isn't a luxury; it's a necessity.

This conference is for specialists from multidisciplinary fields, including:

  • Any Health Care Professionals interested in or working with brain injury
  • State Agency Personnel
  • Educators who work with brain injury or special needs children.
  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Anyone interested in issues and trends in brain injury 

Please Note:

1. Contact hours are available for each day of the conference

2. You must check-in at the Contact Hour registration table each morning, attend the entire day to receive full credit, turn in your CEU evaluations and pickup your certificate at the end of the day.

3. There is no partial credit given. Attendance is required for the entire day.