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2022 Nebraska Brain Injury Conference

2022 Conference


Connect, Learn, and Be Inspired.

When: March 17-18, 2022

Where: Whova online event platform

As a professional in the brain injury community, you know that the field is constantly changing and evolving as our understanding of brain injury is challenged by new research and discoveries. Without a point of reference, it can be hard to stay abreast of these changes and the new research being performed. That’s where we come in. 

The virtual 2022 Nebraska Brain Injury Conference connects professionals, such as yourself, with relevant industry topics, inspiring stories, business contacts, peers, and the population you serve. Register and join us on March 17 - 18, 2022 to explore topics such as Long COVID-19, sleep and brain injury, combating compassion fatigue, and more. 

As a bonus, you can even sign up to receive up to 12.6 contact hours* for continuing education credits and pat yourself on the back for getting those CEUs in early!

*Continuing Education Contact Hours awarded by Iowa Western Community College, Iowa Board of Nursing Provider #6. Professionals must attend each full day and turn in the conference evaluation to receive credit. Instructions will be sent out to registrants with additional details.

Can't make it for the live sessions? 

No problem! We understand that any number of factors can make it hard to attend the full conference, so we are recording the sessions for on-demand viewing in the Whova app for up to 3 months after the conference for registered participants. 

Featured Speakers

Sleep After Brain Injury

Sleep is everything. Sleep (the lack of) can significantly impact brain function for everyone, and individuals are particularly at risk for sleep disturbance after brain injury. The assessment and treatment of sleep disorders are critical in behavior management and health promotion. This presentation will discuss sleep and dementing disease, and how too little sleep increases the spread of cellular pathology; various sleep disorders after brain injury; the assessment of sleep disorders; and behavioral health management of sleep problems. 


Dr. Kimberly Gorgens, Professor of Psychophysiology, Clinical Neuropsychology and Psychology of Criminal Behavior at the University of Denver

Dr. Kim Gorgens manages a large portfolio of traumatic brain injury (TBI) related research and has lectured extensively on those issues (including a 2010 TED talk on youth sports concussion, a 2018 TED talk on brain injuries in criminal justice, and several NPR spots). She has been interviewed on CNN with Anderson Cooper and on 20/20 and her work has been featured in USNews, Newsweek, the Economist,  and more. Her research studies the reported injury history, cognitive function, and brain biomarkers of youth and college athletes, probationers, and inmates. Her mission is to better understand the short and long-term impacts of injuring our most vital organ.


Combatting Compassion Fatigue

Most individuals that enter caregiving do so with great empathy and the goal of helping. However, no one can understand the challenges of an individual's care until they experience it themselves. The demands put on these caregivers can cause trauma and/or burnout referred to as compassion fatigue. Compassion fatigue can manifest in several different ways so it is important for caregivers to be educated on the signs and understand how each of us as individuals can take steps to manage the stress and overcome the fatigue. This presentation will focus on emotional intelligence and how to find one’s inner strength for continued resilience and effectiveness.


Juli Burney, Humorist, Motivational Speaker, Trainer

Multiple award-winning college professor, communication specialist, humorist and author, Juli Burney, M.A. makes an amazing connection with her audiences. She is able to entertain with the ability of a headlining comedian while either motivating or training with ease as a nationally renowned speaker. Juli has been honored by her state of Nebraska as Artist of the Year for her ability to help improve people’s lives through humor and effective use of communication tools.

She has worked in all 48 continental United States and Canada and has been commissioned by a variety of associations from the National Endowment for the Arts to Fortune 500 companies to develop training programs that stick. She has filmed for Showtime and HBO, along with making numerous guest appearances on radio and television programs. Her humor is insightful, delightful, universal, and enlightening on any topic she presents.

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